OlympiHacks is a highly-anticipated 36-hour hackathon that will take place on May 19 - 21, 2023. The event is specifically designed for students and young professionals who are interested in blockchain technology and its applications. With a chain-agnostic approach, participants will be able to work with any blockchain platform they prefer.

What makes this hackathon special is its unique theme of focusing on the adoption of technology. Participants will have the opportunity to work together and develop innovative solutions to solve real-world problems related to the usage of blockchains and protocols. This provides an excellent opportunity for participants to not only showcase their skills but also gain practical experience in solving complex problems.


Apart from being challenging, OlympiHacks promises to be an exciting event filled with fun activities that foster team-building and networking opportunities. Overall, it's an event that you don't want to miss!

To participate in this hackathon, you must be accepted through this application.



3pm - 5pm: Registration

6pm-7pm: Dinner

7pm-8pm: Opening Ceremonies

8pm-9PM: Keynote Panel (Sergey Gorbunov, Kartik Talwar, Martin Derka)

9PM - 9:30PM: Keynote Speaker (Sergey Gorbunov)

9;30PM - 10:30PM: Team Formation

10PM: Hacking Starts


9AM-12PM: Workshops

12PM - 1PM: Lunch

1PM-6PM: Workshops

6PM - 7PM: Dinner

9PM - 11PM: Fun Minigames


10AM: Hacking Ends

11AM - 12PM: Brunch

12PM - 4PM: In-person Judging

6PM - 6:30PM: Closing Ceremony

10PM - 2AM: After Party (invite through Hackathon Submissions)


For OlympiHacks, participants should build innovative projects that showcase the real-world adoption of blockchain technology. The projects should demonstrate how blockchain can be used to solve real-world problems and improve existing systems. Participants are encouraged to work with any blockchain platform of their choice, and a chain-agnostic approach is preferred.


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$CAD41,000 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

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Bronze winning team of OlympiHacks. $1.5K CAD

Cryptocurrency logo

Gold winning team of OlympiHacks. $5k CAD

Cryptocurrency logo

Silver winning team of OlympiHacks. $2.5K CAD

Solana General Track
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Solana General Track : Create a project built on Solana!
We are highly flexible in the idea that you can choose as long as you build something cool using Solana!

Axelar GMP for sending Interchain Messages / Tokens (3)
Cryptocurrency logo

Use Axelar in your project to build a DApp that takes advantage of the ability to interact with contracts across multiple chains using Axelar’s General Message Passing.

First place: 2500 USDC
Second place: 1000 USDC
Third place: 500 USDC

Projects will be judged on Viability, Creativity, and how essential being Interchain is to your DApp


Use GMP’s callContract or callContractWithToken to provide valuable interchain functionality as part of your DApp

Please include the following in the readme.md / bounty.md of your application:
- You must share an AxelarScan link with a completed Interchain transaction
- You must share the source code of your DApp
- You must share at least 2 positive or negative experiences you had with learning and using Axelar

NEAR (Beginner Friendly) (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

Build anything on NEAR. Checkout suggested project ideas here: https://near.social/#/devgovgigs.near/widget/gigs-board.pages.Feed

Example ideas include building NEAR Social components, building a front-end of an already existing DApp on BOS, or using building a DApp using NEAR's smart contract.

First place: 1000 USDC (Near)
Second place: 500 USDC (Near)

Jackal Protocol (3)

Use the Jackal Protocol in your project or application that uses decentralized data storage or peer to peer data permissions transfer offered by the Jackal.

First place: $2000 CAD
Second place: $1000 CAD
Third place: $500 CAD

To be eligible:
- You must interact with either Jackal Storage, Jackal Filetree, or Jackal RNS
- You must share the source code of the DApp.
- You must share at least 2 positive and 2 negative experiences using the Jackal Protocol.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Mike Sulistio

Mike Sulistio
Solana Labs


Solana Foundation

Richard Wu

Richard Wu

Aidan Neil

Aidan Neil
Ladder Labs

Calvin Maighan

Calvin Maighan
Ladder Labs

David Barreto

David Barreto



Stephen Fluin

Stephen Fluin

Anweshi Anavadya

Anweshi Anavadya

Marston Connell

Marston Connell
Jackal Labs

Junyi Wang

Junyi Wang

Fahim Ahmed

Fahim Ahmed
Waterloo Blockchain

Ankur Jain

Ankur Jain
Solana Mobile

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity of the Solution
    Judges should evaluate the originality and inventiveness of the proposed solution.
  • Feasibility of Implementation
    Judges should assess how practical and achievable the proposed solution is in terms of implementation.
  • Scalability of the Proposed Solution
    Judges should consider how well the proposed solution can be scaled up or down to meet different needs
  • Blockchain Adoption
    Judges should evaluate how much impact the proposed solution will have on blockchain adoption, both in terms of immediate results and long-term potential.

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